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Contrarian Capital Management: Common Measures for Financial Risk Mitigation

A privately owned distressed-securities investment firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, Contrarian Capital Management is dedicated to managing secured senior distressed debt investment opportunities. With a team of 53 employees in four international locations, Contrarian Capital Management specializes in capital preservation, complex claims, and private securities.

Facilitating a good cash flow is an effective measure for reducing financial risk and pursuing investment opportunities. Funds may be raised through the sale of current assets or through a sale leaseback arrangement, should the business own property. Repayment can be avoided through the issuing of stocks, which is more expensive than debt, but eliminates the organization’s obligation to make repayments. Additionally, this strategy comes with fewer limitations than those connected to a loan from a credit institution.

Negotiation with suppliers may result in extended length on terms, and the repayment of bank loans and bondholders with newly acquired cash will significantly reduce financial risk.