About Contrarian Capital

A mid-sized investment management firm with a highly diversified portfolio of distressed securities, Contrarian Capital Management identifies and seizes a wide range of investment opportunities in the global marketplace. Founded in 1995 by a team of veteran investment advisers and asset managers with significant experience in distressed securities, bank debt, trade claims, and other relevant areas, Contrarian Capital quickly grew into a leading name in distressed investing. Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, the company has opened additional offices in Hong Kong, Paris, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, employing more than 50 leading portfolio managers, financial analysts, and investor relations professionals around the world.

Over the years, Contrarian Capital Management has developed innovative approaches to distressed securities. Particularly recognized for its Flagship Strategy, Contrarian manages a multifaceted investment portfolio that spans the breadth of the distressed asset class, consisting of American and European performing and non-performing debt, emerging market debt, bankruptcy/trade claims, and distressed equities. Contrarian Capital targets firms with hard assets that retain their value even in the event of bankruptcy. Other strategies pursued by Contrarian include Trade Claims, Real Estate Mortgages, Senior-Secured, and Emerging Markets.

To read more on the history of Contrarian Capital Management, the backgrounds of its portfolio managers, and its vast array of investment offerings, please visit the official company website at http://www.contrariancapital.com.

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